LokSeam® Metal Panels


Looking for a contemporary look with ultimate protection? LokSeam® Metal Panels protect your buildings and substrates from harsh weather conditions while providing a clean, contemporary look that lasts. These standing seam panels with concealed fasteners are ideal for a variety of residential and commercial applications, and come in several colors to allow for unique customization. With improved energy efficiency and an attractive ribbed look, these high-quality panels offer an appealing option to customers with a wide variety of tastes.

LokSeam® Metal Panel Features

  • Applications - Roof
  • Coverage Width - 12", 16" and 18"
  • Rib Height - 1/16"
  • Minimum Slope - 3:12
  • Panel Attachment - Concealed Fastening System
  • Gauge - 24 (Standard); 22 (12", 16", 18"); 26 (12")
  • Finish Type - Striated (standard); Embossed Striated (optional)
  • Coatings - Galvalume Plus®, Signature® 200, Signature® 300, Signature® 300 Metallic
  • Related Industries: Commercial, Residential

Cut upkeep and energy usage without compromising aesthetics with Michigan Steel and Trim's LokSeam® metal panels. Contact our experts today for a free quote.