Michigan Cut to Length Soffit

For your roofing project, your soffit is as functional as it is attractive. At Michigan Steel & Trim, we understand the importance of providing your project with a polished, finished look. Having the right soffit color and size is imperative to providing your building with a weathertight and cohesive appearance and we have the experience to provide you with the customized, cut to length soffit you need to complete your project.

Soft Profile

As a steel profile, it is installed on the underside of your building’s overhang to protect your rafters and provide your project with a finished look. For your project to be successful, you need your materials to fit precisely, to meet this demand, we provide our customers with cut to length soffit, including:

  • Vented Soffit
  • Non-vented Soffit
  • 12" Wide
  • Available in all our 29 gauge colors

Customization is key when you are completing your home, office, or barn. Having the right materials, cut to the right size, is imperative for the function, seal, and appearance of your building. Our experienced staff is dedicated to working directly with our customers, recommending the right color, type, and size of cut to length soffit you will need to successfully complete your project.

We are proud to manufacture our Michigan cut to length soffit, providing our customers with the right materials to help you complete your project on time. At Michigan Steel & Trim, we fulfill all in stock color orders within 48 hours. Request a quote today!