Michigan Custom Trim

custom trim

Your trim pieces are more than just stylish design, they provide your home or office with valuable protection from moisture and the harsh seasonal elements. Utilized to seal joints, cover transitions, and hold your siding in place, your trim pieces are a fundamental component to your roofing or siding project and having the right size and length is crucial. At Michigan Steel & Trim, we carry 21 different trim profiles and have the ability to customize your trim to meet the demands of your project.

Our manufacturing team understands that every roofing and siding project is different and requires specific calculations and measurements to make your building perfect. Your project may require specific components outside of the standard trim profiles, we can utilize our CNC program to create custom trim for your building, including:

  • Flashing
  • J-Channel
  • Drip Edge
  • And More

At Michigan Steel & Trim, our experienced team can utilize our CNC programs to bend and cut our 10’ length trim into any profile required to fit your building. Our technology can create trim pieces that meet the exact angles and faces required to finish your project. We manufacture our trim pieces in house; your custom trim order can be fulfilled within 48 hours for all in stock colors.

To complete the look and feel of your home you need quality trim pieces that meet the exact specifications of your project. Request a quote on our Michigan custom trim today!