Steel Shingles Manufacturers

For your home, you want your steel shingles to be elegant, durable, and attractive. Our steel shingles are designed to give you the same timeless beauty and elegance as your traditional shingles while being manufactured to be more durable, longer lasting, and more energy efficient. At Michigan Steel & Trim, we provide our customers with a wide variety of steel shingles manufacturers that provide you with diverse styles, colors, textures, and profiles to supply your project with your desired aesthetic and personality. We are proud to only work with the best metal roofing manufacturers that bring high quality and beautiful roofing solutions to your home.

Our Steel Shingle Manufacturers

Our metal roofing manufacturers produce a wide variety of steel shingle profiles, finishes, and colors adding a classic but extremely durable look to your home. As a distributor of these products, at Michigan Steel & Trim, we can refer you to professional contractors for your installation and ship the materials directly to your project throughout the state of Michigan, including the Upper Peninsula.

We only work with manufacturers that we believe make the best quality products. Call or contact us today to receive your quote or statewide delivery.