Snow Guards

In Michigan's harsh winter conditions, ice and snow collecting on your roof can be a major hazard, including potential harm to pedestrians, structural damage, and water damage. Having an ice and snow solution installed on your roof prevents these serious damages from occurring on your property during the winter season. At Michigan Steel & Trim, we provide you with an effective solution: snow guards.

Snow Guards are installed to your metal roof and catch the snow and ice before they drift off the ends of your building. We carry a wide variety of snow guards in the color scheme that will match your roofing, siding, and trim.

Our Snow Guards

  • Yeti Guard Snow Guards: Made from the highest quality polycarbonate, the Yeti Guard attaches to your metal roof panel to keep the snow and ice from sliding off the roof.
  • Sealtite Snow Trax: Designed for Michigan Panel metal roofs, Snow Trax are made from stainless steel and provides maximum protection from snow and ice buildup.
  • Michigan Steel & Trim’s Snow Bars: We manufacture 10’ bars that attach to the metal roof panel with metal brackets on standing seam or screws for rib panel. Our snow bars provide added protection against the sliding ice and snow due to the size and position of the bars.

Protect your building from the snowfall and ice this winter with our wide variety of snow guards. As a distributor, we provide dependable delivery to our customers throughout the state of Michigan, including the Upper Peninsula, making sure you have your snow guards before the harsh winter.

Protect your building from the dangers of snow and ice collecting on your metal roof. Call or contact us today!