Terrabella creates and designs high quality, durable stone coated steel roofing for your home or office. A lightweight system, their roofs are designed against cracking, breaking, or fading, providing you with the same beautiful color and aesthetic throughout its lifetime. Terrabella provides our customers with with a wide variety of colors and six distinct profiles, including:

  • Terrabella Verona
  • Terrabella Shake
  • Terrabella Shingle
  • Terrabella Classic
  • Terrabella Shake Znap
  • Terrabella Shingle Znap

Unlike traditional shingles, the acrylic bond of their ceramic coated roofing, allows for water and UV protection. At Michigan Steel & Trim, we work with you to determine the right Terrabella shingle profile and for your project.

We are proud to distribute Terrabella roofing and accessories to our customers. Call or contact us today for your quote or to schedule your statewide delivery.