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One of North America's largest metal roof manufacturers, Interlock Roofing, provides you a lifetime of quality, durable metal roofing for your home. Manufactured and designed to resemble the look and style of traditional roofing materials, Interlock steel shingles provide your home with superior performance and durability in five different profiles, including:

  • Slate
  • Shake
  • Tile
  • Cedar
  • Copper

Interlock Roofing is an energy star partner and provides your home with an environmentally friendly roofing material. Backed by their lifetime limited warranty, they are proud to guarantee that your roof will protect your home, protect the environment, and provide you with classic elegance for the life of your steel shingles. At Michigan Steel & Trim, we are proud to distribute Interlock steel shingles to our customers throughout Michigan and can provide you with reliable recommendations for qualified contractors and installers for your metal roofing.

Invest in steel shingles designed to last a lifetime. Call or contact us today for your Interlock steel shingles quote or to schedule your statewide delivery.