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Centura Steel Shingles, from Green American Home, provides your building with American-made, durable steel shingles that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Michigan Steel & Trim is proud to distribute and recommend Centura steel shingles. Their lightweight design weighs less than your standard shingles while providing you with a lifetime of strength and protection.

With a unique paint system, guaranteed against chalking for up to 30 years, their shingles not only protect your roof for the lifetime of the shingles; but, also provide you with an energy efficient system that saves you money. Instead of absorbing the heat and energy from the sun, the paint on Centura steel shingles:

  • Reflects the energy keeping your home cooler
  • Allows your air conditioner to run more efficiently
  • Reduces your energy bills

The durability of the Centura steel shingles is guaranteed up to 40 years after installation and the steel shingle warranty can be passed on to subsequent homeowners, adding value and equity to your home.

Michigan Steel & Trim is proud to be able to deliver dependable and energy efficient Centura steel shingles to our customers statewide. Call or contact us today to request your quote.